Turkish Weddings, are the most common place to see folk dances. In the villages, the wedding ceremonies continue for two days. In reenacting a wedding, the dancers start with «ayda «ıra, which depicts the story of a bride that is being taken from her parents' home to her new husband's home and is lost.

The wedding party searches for the bride by candlelight, find the bride, and the party continues onto the wedding. Next is the Kına Gecesi (Henna Night), which depicts the traditional evening when women from both the bride and groom's families get together at the bride's house and play music, sing, dance, and look at the bride's trousseaux. Then, towards the end of the party the women tie henna to their palms. While the bride is sitting and watching the preparation of the henna, her friends stand around her and sing separation songs because it's the last night in her parents' house.

Finally, the troupe will end with the performance of the DŁğŁn (Wedding Ceremony). The father will tie a red ribbon around the bride's waist three times reciting verses from the Kuran. The ribbon is a symbol of her purity. Then, we will see as the bride and groom are presented to each other. The groom will present a gift to the bride and the families will continue on with the wedding festivities.